Big Surf AZ

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Good to check out if you ever have to be stuck in Phoenix and are craving some waves.

I only surfed it once driving out from San Diego and had a fun time. Mellow, no-hassles but a few locals said it can get vibey. Listen to the local dudes and follow their lead.

Additional Info:
The only place I know of to surf in Arizona. Buy a ticket and try it out. A slow, mushy wave but it's the only thing your gonna find out here. Breaks about every 3 min and if there's a crowd then you trade off every other wave with the locals. Line up at the wall and when you hear the buzzer paddle like crazy. Look out for the lifeguard chair in the middle.


Park in front of the water park and buy a ticket.

WalkInstant access (<5 min)
Public accessNo
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
TypeReef (artificial)
DirectionRight and left
BottomDon't know
PowerOrdinary, Powerless
FrequencyVery consistent (150+ days/year)
Normal lengthShort (<50m)
Good day lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionEast
Swell directionDon't know
Swell sizeLess than 3ft - 3ft+
TideDon't know
Tide movementDon't know
WeekFew surfers

Man-made danger (buoys etc..)