Double Island Point

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This spot is a local place tourists are welcome but dont mess with us

extra long sandy point with bigger waves breaking in front of the headland.

Quiet and chilled. As seen on Endless Summer 2. Got the options at hand if not going off to go over to other spots. Also can head south to Noosa along beach. 3/4 hr.

Additional Info:
Great spot to spend a few day with ya mates.

This spot is the other side of the D.I with the OZ longest wave. If this side is working then other side is and Rainbow Beach and Vice Versa. There is a sand dune you can go over to get to otherside to save packing up and driving.

Locals only day trip for loacals and from rainbow beach. There are 2 sides to double island if easterly south east and southly ur bet for a clean wave is carpark and cove they are accesable atm with the spit returning but this break is australias longest break when works. Teerwah is the main beach on noosa side in the pocket this is one powerful left and occasinal right do not drop in on locals they will return the favour and u wont like bein smashed by this waves espicaly in 6ft plus it is painful shit. This wave can be a big bowl when the banks are right so much fun get so much speed and air. This break only is good with norhtly winds and north east but best at north west.

P.s does get crowded and teerwah can provide alot of sick banks and occasinal bigger waves than any were else. And if 2ft down coast mooloolaba way will always be alot bigger at the pocket for the desparados.


South from rainbow beach, along back road then you will need to drive along the beach.

From Rainbow Beach access the Beach (4x4 only) and head towards Double Island Point. When you get to D.I drive thru the passage to the Cherry Venture ship wreck. As you come out onto the beach turn left and drive until you get to the end where the light house is.

WalkShort walk (5-15 min)
Public accessUnknown
4x4 requiredYes
Boat requiredNo
Wave Characteristics
TypePoint break
DirectionRight and left
BottomSandy with rock
PowerPowerful, Fun
FrequencyRegular (100 days/year)
Normal lengthLong (150 to 300m)
Good day lengthExceptional (>500m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionNorth, NorthWest, South, SouthEast
Swell directionNorth, South, SouthEast, East, NorthEast
Swell sizeLess than 3ft - 16ft and over
TideLow tide only
Tide movementFalling tide
WeekendFew surfers

Rips / undertow, Rocks, Sharks



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