Jap Rock

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I think it a very mellow atmosphere, and safe to surf if you know what you are doing.

I will take you from the moment I park my lock my car and start my short walk. I am usually lucky to get a spot on 40th street when I dawn patrol. It is a short walk to the boardwalk then down to the sand. You look out in the straight ahead only to see the groms and the other surfers in the water having fun. Once you take a glance north you see a wave breaking farther out and rolling almost to the shore, there is only a handful of surfers sharing this wave. You take a 12 minute walk or 5 minute jog, drop the towel strap on the leash, walk to the north end of the rocks and paddle out. When you are sitting in the water at this spot, there is what seems to be a private beach club house on the beach to the south. Right in front and to the north, is pretty much the Highland beach area, very nice houses, private beaches. To the south looks like a small shallow bay area which is why Jap Rock sticks out a little farther than the beach area to the south. Have Fun.

Additional Info:
Park on 40th street or Spanish river park public beach. Fast drop, if you take off in the shallow stuff, the shoulder is a cake walk. If you get a good north swell or east swell, on a week day that is the place to be in Boca Raton Area


Go to Spanish River Park in North Boca Raton( AKA 40th St). Walk about 1/3 mile north, you will see a rocky reef leading from the beach out into the water 6-10 ft depending on the tide position.

WalkGood walk (15-30 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
TypeReef (rocky)
BottomSandy with rock
FrequencyDon't know
Normal lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Good day lengthLong (150 to 300m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionNorth, NorthWest, East, NorthEast
Swell directionNorth, East, NorthEast
Swell size5ft-6ft - 6ft+
TideLow and mid tide
Tide movementRising tide
WeekendFew surfers




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Frequency:Regular (100 days/year)
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