Murph Bar

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One of the best rare beachbreaks in santa cruz, amazing wave

Most of the time the murph is good for tourists and beachgoers who want to boogie board or wade in the water, and the vibe is none. Allthough when it starts firing your going to want to know what you are doing out there. it can be a world class wave, but vary rarely. Look out for pros when it's on

Additional Info:
The dredging that destroys the Harbor mouth in the winter ironically creates an amazing hollow beachbreak called the murph bar at twin Lakes Beach. There's allways some sort of waves at twin lakes, but it rarely gets good for surfing, but it's pretty good for boogie boarding if your into is almost allways closed out, but with a enough sand build up,the right swell direction, and the right conditions This place can go off.At it's finest the murph bar can do a perfect small teahupoo impression. It's incredibly difficult to get it when it's good, but if you do you wont regret it


Going south on highway 1 take the soquel exit and take a right at the exit and a left onto soquel. then take a left onto 7th street and follow it to eastcliff. the break is located to the left of the harbor jetty. Parking along Twin Lakes Beach

WalkInstant access (<5 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
TypeBeach break
DirectionRight and left
PowerHollow, Fast, Powerful
FrequencyVery consistent (150+ days/year)
Normal lengthShort (<50m)
Good day lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionWest, SouthWest
Swell directionNorthWest, West, SouthWest
Swell size3ft-5ft - 8ft+
TideLow and mid tide
Tide movementRising and falling tides
WeekendUltra crowded

Rips / undertow, Man-made danger (buoys etc..), Localism, Pollution



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