Oléron - Vert bois - Les Allassins

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More the surf is growing more this spot become crowed. But when the swell is really coming and if you have the level no problem you are going to take goods take off.

This is the place to be if you want to know something about the surf on the island. All the surfers who live here go just to know how the swell is (because if you want you don't have to park your car to see the line up....)

Additional Info:
When you are arrived, look at your left and about 300 metres you lormaly see the line up of Les Allassins, in front of you this is Vert Bois. By a normal day Les Allassins is always bigger than Vert Bois, that why even if people are many on the spots, there is always some good waves to take


After the bridge take the GRAND-VILLAGE direction, when you arrive at Grand-Village, take the North direction,4 kilometres after, you have a signal lights take on your left. One Kilometres more you are on the spot.

WalkInstant access (<5 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
TypeBeach break
DirectionRight and left
BottomSandy with rock
PowerOrdinary, Fun, Powerless
FrequencyRegular (100 days/year)
Normal lengthShort (<50m)
Good day lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionNorth, East, NorthEast
Swell directionNorthWest, West, SouthWest
Swell size3ft-5ft - 8ft+
TideMid and high tide
Tide movementFalling tide
WeekFew surfers

Nudist colony (France only!)



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