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The surf is usually fun. If you turn up at the beach you'll probably go in. Although it is not epic all the time, and frequently seems slack, fat and gutless, when it all comes together Polzeath cooks.

The atmosphere is usually pretty friendly. If the surf is good most of the guys in the water know each other. During the summer it is not uncommon to get hundreds in the water so occasionaly tempers get heated. Don't drop in.

Additional Info:
Usually good banks at all stages of the tide. As it is a beach break the banks shift around a bit, so sometimes it is good at low tide on the right or mid tide in the middle.

There is usually a good bank at on the right hand side from low-mid tide which gets crowded with locals. Gets good when it is big giving long, walled up rights, it doesn't really max out, it is just a bitch of a paddle. More mellow and less crowded peaks along the rest of the beach.

Park wherever you can. In the summer it will be mega crowded and difficult to park. For the total novice or kids there is an excellent surf school with 2 sessions a day (10&2)2hrs all inclusive. I'm hooked now.


Easy just follow the sign posts from Wadebridge.

WalkInstant access (<5 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
TypeBeach break
DirectionRight and left
FrequencyDon't know
Normal lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Good day lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionSouth, SouthEast, East, NorthEast
Swell directionWest, SouthWest, South
Swell sizeLess than 3ft - 8ft+
TideAll tides
Tide movementRising and falling tides
WeekFew surfers

Rips / undertow, Localism



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