Punta Mango

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It gets good--but when it's good, there will be crowds as there are now many boats that drop tourists off at the takeoff spot.

This spot still has a raw feeling because it is pretty isolated and the coast is not largely developed--unlike most of the good breaks in El Salvador. If you hit it on the right day, you play the crowd right, and you have the guts you will get shacked. Why do i say the guts? Because it´s a hollow, very powerful, and fast wave.

Additional Info:
If driving its best if you have a little extra clearance or you will probably drag a little. You don't really need 4X4 though unless the road is wet.
Paddle out from the beach. Unless you're really good going off the rocks you're probably going to get cut up or ding your board, and only go off the rocks on higher tides.
Leave your car at the Restaurant / Hotel Ranch Mango, they usually don't charge, just buy a drink or some food.


You can drive pretty there pretty easy. Just go west on the coast road from El Cuco and Las Flores, after about a half hour you'll see a big blue sign that says Punta El Floral which is Punta Mango. Park at Ranch Mango and walk 3 minutes to the point. Buses go out there from El Cuco also, but not always easy to find the right one.

Boat from las Flores, a $60 U.S.D. gets you there and the boat stays with you for a couple hours. Most boats have a capacity for 5 surfers.

WalkInstant access (<5 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredYes
Boat requiredNo
Wave Characteristics
TypePoint break
PowerHollow, Fast, Powerful, Ledgey
FrequencyVery consistent (150+ days/year)
Normal lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Good day lengthLong (150 to 300m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionNorth, NorthWest, NorthEast
Swell directionWest, SouthWest, South
Swell size5ft-6ft - 16ft and over
TideMid tide
Tide movementFalling tide
WeekUltra crowded
WeekendUltra crowded

Rips / undertow, Rocks


Nearby spots
Las Flores

6.32 miles away

Frequency:Regular (100 days/year)