Tai Long Wan (Hong-Kong)

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Fun wave, I learned to sponge here. Good place to learn, and fun, but forgiving when big.

Full of kookdogs. Just go early and you will have a good time. When it is 3-4 ft there are two spots. One is a left, breaking right next to the hill on the left side(looking out to sea) of the bay. The other is a left and right breakning to the right of the right side swimming markers. There is also an occasional wave breaking right infront of the rocks on the right side of the bay. Go when it's big, but watch out for the rips.

Additional Info:
A fun wave, if you are just learning. Best in winter when it is consistent 2-4ft, also there are no damn shark nets getting in the way. You can see how big it is by looking at the small manmade island straight out to sea. If there is a lot of whitewater around it there is waves, if not, it is flat. A nice beach by Hong Kong standards, and not crowded on weekdays. Go early and you will have it all to yourself. I went at 9 and was usually the first in the water.


Past Shek O. You will see the roundabout that has the sign for Big Wave Bay on it. You can walk from this roundabout, but it is kind of long.

WalkShort walk (5-15 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
DirectionRight and left
BottomSandy with rock
PowerFun, Powerless
FrequencyDon't know
Normal lengthShort (<50m)
Good day lengthNormal (50 to 150m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionNorthEast
Swell directionSouth, SouthEast
Swell sizeLess than 3ft - 6ft+
TideAll tides
Tide movementRising and falling tides
WeekFew surfers
WeekendUltra crowded

Rips / undertow, Man-made danger (buoys etc..)



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Frequency:Sometimes breaks (50 days/year)
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