Marine Street (shorebreak)

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one of the most fun and hollow spots around. if its working, youll get tubed on almost every ride.

dont ride here in the summer, its flat most of the time and its full of people from arizona and texas. mob scene

Additional Info:
BODYBOARDERS AND BODYSURFERS ONLY! most of the time this wave is too hollow and breaks too close to shore for surfers. Spongers rule the spot and it is fairly localized. the left is usually longer than the right and has a longer barrell. with more swell the wave breaks farther outside and gives a littler longer right, with some makeable tubes that dont close out on the sand. speaking of close outs - be careful, several people have died here or have had broken can be heavy at times, one of the best shorebreaks in california, right up there with 1000 steps and the wedge.


get off la jolla blvd, and turn down marine street...there you are

WalkInstant access (<5 min)
Public accessYes
4x4 requiredUnknown
Boat requiredUnknown
Wave Characteristics
TypeBeach break
DirectionRight and left
BottomSandy with rock
PowerHollow, Fast, Powerful, Ledgey
FrequencySometimes breaks (50 days/year)
Normal lengthShort (<50m)
Good day lengthShort (<50m)
Ideal Conditions
Wind directionUnknown
Swell directionNorthWest, West, SouthWest
Swell sizeLess than 3ft - 8ft+
TideAll tides
Tide movementRising and falling tides
WeekFew surfers

Rips / undertow, Rocks, Localism



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